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Isabel Bearman Bucher is a first generation Italian American. Unto herself first, because that is where things must always begin, she is wife, mother and stepmother to four; stepnonna to six and prononna to two. She's a sister and a friend. Her site is furnished with food, family, stories and music -tuto uguale, all equal. Her memoir, NONNO'S MONKEY, written from the heart will make you laugh and cry, because ... it's what all Italians do. Visit her Journal, post your tips for traveling Italy, read recipes and post your own.

If you're interested in starting a roots quest, visit Genealogy to begin.

Nonno's Monkey is 204 years of family history from the oral accounts of the author's Nonna, Angela Irene Giani De Bernardi, born 1886, Cassano Magnano, Italy, Lombardy. Part One begins in 1799, with the journey of the author's then Parisian great, great, great grandfather, a civil engineer sent by Napoleon to redesign the Simplon Pass into Northern Italy. Part Two begins one warm July day in 1942, when Nonno Enrico comes home from the Connecticut State Fair with an organ grinder monkey he's won by singing a song IN GERMAN, no less. Since Nonno's voice is so horrible, the family women and the little town of Branford, Connecticut, are positive the previous owners would have paid ANYBODY to take the little devil. Chico ties all the family stories up into one rooten,tooten hellofa monkey tale.

Read "tastes" of Nonno's Monkey - Prologue Uno and a portion of Chapter I for free. If you want more tasting, try a chapter at a time, which you can download and print. Free reads are given here too.

Want a laugh? Go to "CAN YOU TRANSLATE THIS?" Post the mezzo English we were all raised with and understood! Like: wazzamadderwiddayouyoucrazy?

Contacts for all sorts of places are hung in every room, and you can write the author at her email: ibbucher@gmail.com.

Note: Blogs are being broken into now and if something occurs on this site that doesn't sound like a nice Italian Mamma, you know, it isn't me.

So, let's get started. Go to AUDIO first. That's where I talk to you in person. Ciao!

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