Nonno's Monkey

    You don't have to be of Italian descent to be enthralled by this warm and rich family saga, filled with fascinating characters who will continue to live in your memory long after their stories are over. And, if you DO happen to be lucky enough to have "Nonnos" and "Nonnas" in your life, you'll never find a more perfect gift for them than Nonno's Monkey.

    It's a beautiful book.

    Lois Duncan

    I started your book yesterday and in no time it started me. I'm so glad its one of those books that will temporarily rule your life until you me, read me! README! NOWNOWNOWNOW!!!

    I have laughed so much not just at the stories but at your storytelling! You are such a brilliant writer and your sense of humor is so refreshing! I also love the photos and am touched that in so many I can see the bonds between folks being clearly demonstrated. Ah, to be Italian.

    An Oklahoma reader

    AVAILABLE AT AMAZON.COM, BARNES AND NOBLE, and INGRAM PRESS: Nonno's Monkey, an Italian American Memoir

    Isabel Bearman Bucher and Cantare Press are pleased to offer Nonno to you. Isabel will autograph your copy for you and yours. EMAIL YOUR SIGNING INSTRUCTIONS TO HER WITH THE ADDRESS BELOW, AND THEN, PUSH THE "BUY NOW" BUTTON.

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